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Raceline Luxury Sports Vans

Brand New Raceline Luxe Boutique Showroom Now Open

Raceline Volkswagen T6 Transporters are created to truly be the finest Bespoke Volkwagen Transporters in the World.  The Blueprint for all Raceline Edition VW T6 Transporters  remains constant – characterful and exciting sports vans built to the highest standards.

Every Raceline Transporter is built with stunning levels of detail in the customisation including our Exclusive Raceline GTS Volkswagen Transporter, ensuring their utmost value and exclusivity.

Only the highest quality materials are used, Combining pure performance and true sporting ability with passion, refinement, luxury and exceptional beauty.

Each GTS Editon VW Transporter is created to our own exceptional standards using the finest materials and equipment, we make no compromises in quality during the development and production of our products.

With a choice of modular individualisation interior, exterior, audio and performance packages that transform the look and feel of your New Volkswagen Transporter T6.


The DNA of all Raceline Transporters are infused with an intense sense of Purposefulness, Beauty and Power.

New 2017 Raceline GTS Transporter

” Tomorrows travel taken care of “

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Discover The Raceline GT Series of

Volkswagen T6 Transporter Luxury Sports Vans

Each and every Raceline Volkswagen T6 Transporter starts as a high spec van from factory. With our extensive expertise every New Volkswagen T6 Transporter held in stock is a SWB Highline 204ps DSG Kombi including some 4 Motion with the following factory extras included as standard.

  • Choice of Metallic & Pearl Paint Colours
  • LED & Head Lights & Tail Lights
  • Highline – 7 Speed DSG
  • Euro 6 Transporter
  • Blue Motion Technology

  • Twin Fully Electric Side Loading Doors
  • Fully Electric Rear Tailgate
  • Bi folding Electric Mirrors
  • Climatic Air Conditioning
  • High Beam & Rest Assist

  • Cruise Control
  • Heated Front Seats
  • Front Captain Seats
  • Single & Double Seats in Rear
  • Alloy Spare Wheel

From here we build you your Perfect Volkswagen T6 Transporter, from our Raceline GT Sport Van to our flagship Raceline GTS.

All Raceline Sports Vans are bespoke built vehicles tailored & styled to your individual requirements.  With a choice of modular individualisation options which can include exterior customisation, interior leather upholstery, interior thermal lining & sound deadening packages, multimedia to concert like audio upgrades as well as our legendary performance and handling packages.


Raceline GT & Raceline GTS 

All GT & Raceline GTS VW Transporters are based on an exceptionally high factory specification vehicle that is then customised to your requirements using only the highest quality and O.E.M. parts to build your Perfect Raceline Transporter.  

2017 VW T6 Raceline GT



Spec & Pricing based on Raceline Stock VW T6 SWB Kombi, Pricing & Spec will vary for Panel Van, Shuttle, Caravelle, California & LWB Models

2017 VW T6 Raceline GTS 



Spec & Pricing based on Raceline Stock VW T6 SWB Kombi, Pricing & Spec will vary for Panel Van, Shuttle, Caravelle, California & LWB Models

New Factory Order Vehicles 

You also have the option to order through us, a brand new factory built vehicle from the Volkswagen UK Transporter Range. From the VW T6 Panel Van, VW T6 Kombi as well as passenger carrying VW T6 Caravelle & VW Transporter Shuttle. From here you can spec your vehicle from the full range of Raceline Options subject to minimum Raceline GT Options Spec (See below for Raceline GT spec)

All tailored to suit your budget with options to finance your vehicle either through VW Finance or other Select Finance Broker. Contact us for a no obligation quote.



Volkswagen Warranty

Volkswagen warrant

Comprehensive Cover from Volkswagen

Replacement parts

All Volkswagen Genuine parts carry a warranty for a period of two years with unlimited mileage from the date of purchase.


Your vehicle warranty covers any manufacturing defect in paintwork, starting from the date of registration, for a total of three years.

Body protection

Your new vehicle is manufactured with full protection against rust attacking the internal cavities and will be covered for 12 years.