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A very warm welcome to our website, you have now just stepped off the Transporter Mine field you were in. So just slip back gently into your comfort zone whilst we guide you through the most amazing Transporter buying experience and hope we can assist you in purchase of your new Transporter Sports Van. Join the revolution in style, join it in an Exclusive Raceline Edition Premium Sports Van. The No1 choice for the most demanding lifestyles

First off – Who are We? Well, we are CUSTOMVANZ and we have been ahead of the game building Raceline Transporter Sports vans for ten years unlike most out there who jumped on the Transporter band wagon 2-3 years ago in order to make a quick buck.

Second – Do We Have A Brand? Yes, our brand is RACELINE hence the range of Raceline Edition Premium Sports Vans and our product is made by some of the biggest companies in the World. We have our own Pro Kit Lowering springs made by Eibach who by the way make the whole of VW and Audi group range of suspension, we have our own Pro Circuit suspension made by Bilstein, we have our own advanced big brakes made by Forge Motorsport, we have our own branded Raceline load rated specific Transporter alloy wheels in 20″ and 21″ in over 30 different finished and styles, we have our own exclusive Raceline Italian Nappa leather seats and we have our own range of Raceline spoilers. A Raceline Edition Transporter is a branded recognised product, everything else on the market is merely a customised Transporter buying product from various internet based companies.

Third – Are Our Vans UK Supplied?- Yes, we are supported by VW UK with an official dealer code and are the only Sports Van Builder in the UK with this level of support. We do not source vans from internet based bedroom bandits, leasing companies, fleet operators or European suppliers.

Our vans are brand new, unregistered and come with 3 years manufacturers warranty. Unless you purchase a van on one of our pre registered offers, you will be the first registered keeper and receive the V5 Log book in less than a week from DVLA.

Fourth – Why Buy From Us? – lets keep it simple, or try as we don’t have room on the website to mention all the disasters we’ve heard of and seen. Having read the above you should by now have an understanding of our company, our product and what we are all about. We sell and do conversions at our workshops on over 300 vans per year most of which are brand new. We work closely with many VW main dealers in the UK and chances are your leather, lowering springs ect may well have been supplied by us. We offer a range of finance deals through VWFS (that’s Volkswagen Financial services) we offer extended warranty packages by VW and we offer a range of service plans by VW. And the best reason of all is we have over 40 brand new vans in physical stock ready for immediate conversion to your required spec avoiding the 12-16 week ordering process from factory. We do strongly advise a visit to the Raceline Luxe Boutique if you are in the market for a Branded Unique Transporter Sports van. So it’s just a good old fashioned phone call to make an appointment to come and discuss getting you into your dream Sports Van. Do get in touch and don’t make the mistake of many who get taken in by the likes of the so called Transporter Specialists and Transporter converters whos talk is cheap and it costs nothing for them to let you down. WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO LOOSE? well, over £40,000 is a lot to pay for a van the Transporter Specialist has just annihilated in his attempts to provide what he said he could and with the Fifteen grand deposit you paid him you’re in too deep to get out. DON’T GET CAUGHT, IT”S JUST NOT WORTH THE RISK


Raceline Luxury Volkswagen T6 Transporter Sports Vans

Three Reasons to Purchase Your Next Vehicle from Raceline Luxe Boutique


  1. Funding Options through VWFS Volkswagen Financial Services 
  2. Complete Peace of Mind with our Extensive Service Plans & Extended Warranties through Volkswagen U.K.
  3. We Offer a Complete Bespoke Design Service, Taking Care of even the Smallest Detail for you to Enjoy Your Journey Through Life in a Luxury Volkswagen Sports Van. 

New Volkswagen Transporter Kombi, Panel Vans, Best U.K. Prices Guaranteed

The DNA of all Raceline Transporters are infused with an intense sense of Purposefulness, Beauty and Power.

New Volkswagen Transporter Kombi, Panel Vans, Best U.K. Prices Guaranteed

New Volkswagen Transporter Kombi, Panel Vans, Best U.K. Prices Guaranteed

New Volkswagen Transporter Kombi, Panel Vans, Best U.K. Prices Guaranteed

New Volkswagen Transporter Kombi, Panel Vans, Best U.K. Prices Guaranteed

Discover Raceline Volkswagen T6 Transporters

Discover Raceline Edition Transporters

Raceline : Volkswagen T6 Transporter Luxury Sports Vans

All GT & Raceline GTS VW Transporters are based on an exceptionally high factory specification vehicle that is then customised to your requirements using only the highest quality and O.E.M. parts to build your Perfect Raceline Transporter.  


New Raceline GT 

VW T6 Transporter 204ps DSG Highline SWB Kombi Raceline GT.

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New Raceline GTS.

VW T6 Transporter 204ps DSG Highline SWB Kombi Raceline GTS

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Volkswagen Service & Warranty

Volkswagen warrant

Comprehensive Cover for your New Volkswagen Transporter

Replacement parts

All Volkswagen Genuine parts carry a warranty for a period of two years with unlimited mileage from the date of purchase.


Your vehicle warranty covers any manufacturing defect in paintwork, starting from the date of registration, for a total of three years.

Body protection

Your new vehicle is manufactured with full protection against rust attacking the internal cavities and will be covered for 12 years.