Raceline 100% Soft Italian Nappa Leather 

VW Transporter Leather Sports Seats

The only place you’ll find Genuine Raceline Leather ® for your Volkswagen Transporter, VW Amarok, Ford Transit, Ford Ranger or Land Rover Defender  is right here at Raceline Bespoke Design. Hand crafted from the finest Soft Italian Nappa Hide and available in any colour that takes your fancy! Every item we create is stitched with our Genuine Raceline tags. Our team will help you to design your perfect combination of leather colours, quilting styles and stitch colours..

All Raceline Leather Trimmed Seats are Guaranteed made from 100% Soft Italian Nappa Leather. A significantly large proportion of seats available on the market are made with a mix of 40% to 60% real leather and leatherette materials. Leatherette fabric is a form of artificial leather, The fabric is generally made of a natural or synthetic fibre then covered with a soft PVC layer to give the appearance of a leather finish. Traditionally they will use this leatherette on the rear and side panels of a seat and use real leather on the faces and head rests.

The reason being, it dramatically reduces the cost in materials as leatherette is significantly cheaper. And as we have said before all Raceline Leather is 100% Soft Italian Nappa Leather.

Raceline Nappa Leather Colours 

Natural Grain Leather Colours 

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